SAM 400® Air Cleaner


What is it?


 SAM 400® is a powerful, portable air disinfection device that removes up to 99.9995% of airborne pathogens. It is the ONLY proven and tested air disinfection system that eliminates airborne contaminants according to USP 800 standards  

The only technology available worldwide at this price point. The closest competitor product is $10,000 USD more expensive. As well, we can structure a lease to fit your budget.

Perfect for Hospital rooms, veterinary surgeries, nurseries, marine storage facilities,  trading  rooms. waiting  rooms; or food freezers.

Why would I need one?

Any place that air quality matters is a possible application. In 30 minutes, a space up to 2,000 sq ft is converted into a hospital clean room. The SAM 400 kills bacteria, virus and spores. 

Any area where sensitive material is stored, is a useful application. The SAM 400 was invented to protect the interior of high-end yachts during winter storage. It prevents the build-up of mould and mildew encountered during storage. 

Useful applications would include:

- Rare book collections

- Boat storage

- Mobile surgical applications

- High tech clean rooms


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Introduction to the SAM 400

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