Vital Oxide: a Hospital grade disinfectant with MSDS of 0-0-0

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Vital Oxide Product

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   One Gallon Container

   Case     4 Gallon

   Pallet    40 Cases

   Drum    45 Gallon

   Tote      250 Gallon


   AH-910     Certified Applicator Fogger

   AH-920     Spray-it Applicator Fogger

   AH-930     Spray-it Professional Fogger - corded

   AH-940    Spray-it Professional Backpack Fogger

Swab Meter



SamAir 400

Air Particle Meter

Healthy Sole


 “We started using Vital Oxide to sterilize our flowering rooms after each harvest. During each flowering cycle, we use it to sanitize our floors, all surfaces, walls, reflectors etc. We clean our HVAC system, shop vacuums and sterilize our containers before transplanting. Prior to discovering Vital Oxide I had no way to clean our production site effectively, without introducing VOC’s. Currently, our plants are healthier and happier then they have ever been and the end product is significantly nicer, as a result of sanitizing and sterilizing on a regular basis as a part of our IPM.”Brett S.

Cannabis Grower

 “As an employee at a Vet Hospital I can confidently say that our facility has never smelled better. Vital Oxide helps control the odour problems associated with working with animals. We use it throughout the whole Hospital including the reception area and love how quick and easy it is to use. Previously we would have to wait 20 minutes after treating our rooms with our past product but now with Vital Oxide we can use the room immediately after fogging, it’s a real time saver!”Melissa P.

Vet Hospital


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All orders over 10,000 gallons will require an extra lead time.

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Vital Oxide: A Shelf-Stable Hospital grade disinfectant with MSDS of 0-0-0

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